About the Book

Toby’s Hearts Desire, T.J.s.  vol 2. “STAR” is about a girl  swordfish who has a hearts desire to be a dancer. STAR  is born with  a disability,  others would  laugh at her and tease her making STAR sad and cry. Read how Stars disability becomes an asset to her, bringing  joy to herself and others with her uniqueness, as she finds happiness and accomplishments to never give up her hearts Desire. Star follows her dreams and Does it! Truly accomplishing her hearts desire as a dancer and with Toby ( her Dream)!!
Come follow us as we accomplish our dreams and the desire of our Hearts. Bringing you Toby and his six special characters friends who are reaching out to you to inspire you to follow the desire of your own heart with much love. As you read all 6 of their stories. You will find yourself joining them in laughter, wonderment, fear, happiness and tears bringing  you into a dream with them.